About Chic Amis

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Chic Amis was founded in March 2020 to take measures against fast fashion and increasing waste by renting special occasion clothing. Our inventory consists out of donated and bought clothing, but since we check and clean the clothing consistently all clothes will be fashionable, sustainable and ready for your big events! So Donate, Rent or Recommend!

Chic Amis is founded by Tilburg University students and supported by Enactus, a study association with focus on social-ecological issues with an entrepreneurial approach.

The problem of textile wastes is alarmingly threatening the environment, particularly the water and waste management and greenhouse gases level. This is why recycling or reusing is so important.

In this project, we aim to recirculate the clothes that are no longer in-use to new wearers. To realize this, we are preparing a secondhand clothes rental store provided by your old/used clothes in Tilburg. 

We would like YOU to be part of this! We kindly ask you to support us by donating any clothes you no longer wear or renting something you like. Donated clothes are after cleaning offered for rent at an affordable price in our store. To make Chic Amis more sustainable, even clothes not suitable for renting are reused by being donated to charity or recycled.